Ownership of the Moon

When I spoke on space law the day after the 48th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, this article was making the rounds about the legal status of claims to outer space, including moon-related artifacts.

Here’s a recent update about a group working to get the UN involved in designating certain lunar areas as heritage sites.

These are fascinating, ongoing issues that, as one can see, are making the news regularly.

Hat tip to Ed for sharing the initial article with me. His book is available on Amazon.

A special shout out also to my fellow panelist Wayne White, who has written extensively on this topic (pdf).

Panel at FreedomFest 2017

A small break from posting while in the midst of a career transition, but I wanted to thank the producers of Freedom Fest for inviting me to speak on their panel about the private revolution in space. It was an honor to join Edward Hudgins, Wayne White, and Fred Stitt for a very interesting conversation.

Edit: I link to some of Ed’s and Wayne’s work in a subsequent post.